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A Self-Service-Analytics Platform with Assisted Intelligence to generate Data-to-Insights journey

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LTI’s Mosaic Lens is specifically designed for data-driven enterprises. It adopts an AI-first approach across the entire data-to-decisions-to-insight generation experience. It delivers fast yet personalized and AI-assisted enterprise-wide intelligence.

Intelligent-Assisted Wrangling

Enables a faster Data-to-insights cycle with assisted data wrangling with help of prebuild functions

Autonomously Monitor Key Signals

Focuses on critical events and important KPIs in real-time. Access these details by a simple click on the email in your inbox


Consume insights which are auto generated instantly from the data which enables faster decision making. Recognize ‘What-If’ scenarios, forecast values, understand clustering in the dataset and visualize trend & outliers

Data Anomalies and Trend Detection

Uncovers anomalies and trends, and identifies consistent patterns in noisy data, thus expediting the analytics cycle

Accelerate your Data Prep

Enhance and accelerate the data preparation by using pre-build functions. Total 200+ easy-to-use functions, along with 25 newly added, with large data processing support

Fast-track Insight generation by using Lens Stencils

Pace-up the insights journey by using pre-installed ready-to-use Lens. Also create your own Lens and use it as a Stencil on any data – any time and enhance the collaboration experience by sharing it with multiple users

Collaborate and Comprehend better with Storyboard

Making an interactive storyboard is simple and easy by using interactive charts. Engage stakeholders to facilitate collaboration across various business avenues with personalization

Product Features

Assisted Wrangler

Intuitive & Assisted Suggestions for every step needed to transform data.

  • Actionable Data Profile View
  • Stenciled Analysis on multiple data
  • Data Alterations on the fly
  • Intelligent Data Assist
  • Combine multiple data from varied sources

Autonomous Insights

Know out-of-the box Advance Profile, Intelligent Data Type, Patterns, Anomalies, Outliers, Trends, Segments of the data.

  • Insights generation on categorical data
  • AI-led Data Quality Dashboard
  • Column Profiling for In-depth Analysis of Data Health

Leverage Your Existing ML Models

Reuse and integrate machine learning assets to generate predictive signals.

  • Statistical Functions & Models for Econometric Data Analysis
  • Bring Your Own Model Support
  • Create & Integrate models directly from model repository

Real-time KPI & Signals

Generate KPI seamlessly and receive Alerts and Signals.

  • Alerts in real-time via email notifications inside your mailbox
  • Configure chats and KPI with interactive UI
  • Schedule alerts as per user convenience for timely updates

Storyboard – The Data to Insights Journey

Create your custom storyboard to conveys insights in a structured approach.

  • Allows you to integrate Charts, Images, Annotations and much more
  • Interactive drag-drop support to design the Storyboard
  • Derive & depict end-to-end data journey using multiple visualizations
  • “Share and collaborate” feature allows you to complete the feedback loop

Interactive Charts

Bring collaboration and interactive touch while using charts.

  • Enhanced user experience while creating charts by using Drag-&-Drop features
  • Navigate and choose between multiple chart options which suits your data
  • Allows sharing and collaboration with multiple users at same time


Mosaic Lens

Mosaic Lens Self-Service-Analytics Platform With Assisted Intelligence

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