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Cognitive and Intuitive Discovery Solution for Enterprise

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LTI’s Mosaic Catalog is designed for data-driven enterprises. It creates a catalog of all intelligence assets – with a simple, intuitive & contextual interface for each persona. It enables a faster multi-faceted asset discovery, exploration of disparate assets and seamless integration for persona specific downstream activities

Enterprise Data Discovery

Powerful discovery engine to search across variety of enterprise-intelligent analytical assets like Datasets, Documents, APIs, BI Reports, ML Models & Lens, etc.

Business Catalog

Business glossary-based data discovery with configurable business view

Catalog Everything

Availability of wide range of connectors to get the metadata from a variety of source systems like RDBMS, NoSQL, Cloud, Big Data, BI Reporting, & FTP/sFTP

Building Trust on Data

Data profiling and score-based data quality to gain users’ confidence for data need

Data Market Place

Cater the need of the data consumers across the enterprise

Data Governance

Enterprise governance using robust user management with seamless integration. With organizational SSO/AD/LDAP, persona-based access control, approval workflows, metadata change traceability, business glossary, etc. is achieved

Product Features

Catalog all Enterprise Intelligence Assets

  • Listing assets such as Datasets, Documents, APIs, BI Reports, ML Models & Lens
  • Bulk upload facility
  • Extensive pre-built data connectors library
  • Centralized connection management
  • Ease in metadata maintenance with auto publish & auto sync

Cognitive & Intuitive Discovery

  • Semantic and multi-facets search capability
  • ML/AI-driven, domain-specific business term-based search capability
  • Seamless and intuitive data exploration
  • ML/AI-driven recommendation
  • Facility to pin frequently visited assets for quick future references
  • Facility to create a favourite list of assets to ease navigation
  • PII Identification and masking

Collaborative data enrichment

  • Crowd-sourced ratings & reviews
  • Discussion board for conversation with data asset expert to clarify questions or doubts
  • Multi-hierarchical access request workflow for assets, being shared across the enterprise.

Self-service Data Consumption

  • Federated querying capability for joining disparate sources across enterprise
  • Native querying support
  • Data-As-API to expose the data for internal/external usage


  • Business glossary to provide common language across organization
  • Data Dictionary
  • AI-led auto tagging

Data Quality

  • Data preview and data profile
  • Score based data quality dashboard

Seamless Data Governance

  • Integration with SSO/LDP/AD of an organization
  • Person-based access control, depending upon the user role like Data Admin/Steward, Data Owner, Data Citizen, Data/Business analysts
  • Expert guidance
  • Personalized notification
  • Traceability of any change in meta data of assets
  • AI led auto relation among assets
  • Approval workflow management

Flexible & scalable deployment

  • Hybrid cloud-readiness
  • Catalog unlimited assets
  • Micro -service based architecture for flexible integration and deployment


Mosaic Catalog

Powerful Metadata-driven Cognitive Discovery to find, explore, collaborate & consume enterprise data & analytics assets.


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