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A Self-service Analytics Platform with Enterprise ML & AI Adoption

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LTI’s Mosaic AI is a cognitive AI platform, designed to provide its users with an intuitive experience in assisted wrangling to get clean data and building, training, deploying and managing AI models at enterprise scale. It brings together the best AI frameworks and templates, to provide a platform, where users enjoy a seamless and personalized “Build-to-Run” transition on their AI workflows.

Get Data

Intelligent-assisted wrangling

Enables a faster data-to-insights cycle with assisted data wrangling with help of prebuild functions.

Accelerate your data preparation

Enhance and accelerate the data preparation by using pre-build functions. Total 200+ easy-to-use functions, along with 25 newly added, with large data processing support.

Build Models

Collaborative workbench

Personalized, multitenant, containerized notebook environment to collaborate and share models within the team.

Automated machine learning

Automated machine learning designed to identify the right-fit algorithms for a business problem.

Operationalize ML @ Scale

End-to-end MLOps

Automation of model training, model, registry, model packaging, model deployment and runtime setup to abstract the complex operational activities in design-to-deployment journey.

Build trustworthy and fair models

Unlock the AI Blackbox, know the “why” behind your AI predictions to create fair and transparent models.

Deliver Insights

Visualizations and insights

Create and share useful analysis, charts, dashboards and insights easily to uncover the data.

Analytical apps

Deliver insights to business users through easily deploying dashboards like R Shiny, Bokeh, DASH and many more.

Product Features

Get Data

Assisted Wrangler

  • Intuitive & assisted suggestions for every step needed to transform data.
  • Actionable data profile view
    Stencilled analysis on multiple data
  • Data alterations on-the-fly
    Intelligent data assist
  • Combine multiple data from varied sources
  • Connector interface to integrate with all your data storages

Build Models

Build & train machine learning model

  • Integrated development environment of your favorite tools.
  • Focus on data science and let us take care of the infrastructure.
  • Create reproducible models with automatic tracking of dependencies.
  • Collaborate easily with auto version control and conflict management.
  • Notebook parameterization; notebook-as-a-service.
    Create and compare multiple run instances of a notebook.

  • Connect to your existing Git repo.
  • Fast-track your model development with the support of GPU-based containers or using distributed training frameworks like Apache Spark.

Build Models

Automated model development

  • Boost your efficiency of data science teams by automations
    • Data Cleansing
    • Feature Engineering
    • Feature Selection
    • Model Selection
    • Model Parameter Tuning
  • Empower existing teams to build AI
  • Supports Classification and Regression workloads on Structured and Textual Data
  • Compare and understand various model pipelines created
  • Upload your own recipes for contextual model building

Operationalize ML @ Scale

Deploy & manage machine learning models

  • One-click deployment of models.
  • Host multiple version of models and identify champion, challenger models.
  • Auto-build time metrices for increased model lineage.
  • Upload and manage model artefacts for simplified governance.
  • Auto-scale model when needed.
  • Monitor model performance with active feedback.
  • Bring your own models (BYOM)
  • Track and set alerts for model data drift.
  • Re-train based on the feedback

Build Models

Enable users to trust AI models

  • Understand your models behavior and important features.
  • Identify and remove Bias from your models.
  • Explanation on why the prediction was made to the end user.
  • Monitor your AI performance and behavior easily.
  • Become AI compliant with out-of-the-box model reports.
  • Understand and mitigate your model limitations.

Deliver Insights

Visualizations and analytical apps

  • Know out-of-the box advance profile, intelligent data type, patterns, anomalies, outliers, trends, segments of the data.
  • Deploy web apps with Dash, Bokeh, R Shiny, Flask and many more.
  • Create your custom storyboard to conveys insights in a structured approach.
  • Enhanced user experience while creating charts by using drag-&-drop features.
  • Navigate and choose between multiple chart options, which suit your data.
  • Derive and depict end-to-end data journey using multiple visualizations.
  • “Share and collaborate” feature allows you to complete the feedback loop.

Deliver Insights

Backed by enterprise governance

  • Connectivity to enterprise AD/LDAP and SSO.
  • Fine-grained access control.
  • Support of scheduler and workflow manager.
  • Centralized dashboard to monitor the platform.
  • Monitor logs and resource consumption.
  • Audit logs and reports for enhanced governance.
  • Notification and alerts - Delivered on your preferred channel.
  • Support for both on-prem and cloud of your choice.
  • CPU and GPU-based scaling.


Mosaic AI

Platform to operationalize and manage enterprise ML & AI models @ Scale

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