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Cognitive Information Mining Framework to uncover insights from unstructured data

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Mosaic Agnitio, LTI’s state-of-the-art, new-age framework processes unstructured data available in documents and images. Mosaic Agnitio leverages deep learning to extract the required data to automate a business process or to understand the documents to mine knowledge with its document cognition capabilities.

Mosaic Agnitio enables a new way to deal with the complex unstructured documents with varying formats and layouts by enabling different cognitive functions, which can be skilled by business users themselves. Mosaic Agnitio overcomes the challenges, of a template- driven approach of data extraction from documents, which is followed by the existing OCR-based solutions.

Automate business processes

Automate your ‘document-heavy’ business processes with Intelligent Data Extraction, which works independent of the templates.

Uncover insights from unstructured text

Understand your documents by breaking them into sections and mine entities, relationships, derive sentiments, identify topic & intent for contextual analysis.

Build knowledge from content to content relationships

Enrich documents and sections with metadata to create knowledge-nuggets and enable consumption with natural language queries.

Impart skills, consume insights

Empower your business users to impart their skills to machine and to provide feedback as the process continues, to gather automated insights with highest accuracy.

Reuse enterprise business vocab or build your own

Flexibility to build the semantics or to upload and reuse existing enterprise vocab and ontologies

Enterprise-wide scalable solutions

Ensure scalability of Data Extraction and Text Analytics solutions, with the power of strong AI governance layer.

Product Features

Document Ingestion

  • Data connectors to ingest documents from all your enterprise on-premise and on-cloud data sources.
  • Support for various extensions including PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, TIFF, PNG, JPG and others
  • Upload documents and distribute for machine training and processing

Suite of Cognitive Engines

  • Pre-built cognitive engines for all data extraction and knowledge mining needs
  • Name Entity Recognition to identify entities and relationships
  • Natural Language Processing engines for text analytics to gather intent, mine sentiments or summarize text
  • Deep Learning-led image quality check and automated image enhancement

AI Tutoring & Model Training

  • Tutoring interfaces for all cognitive engines for business users to impart skills
  • Flexibility to upload business vocabulary or build with the solution
  • Support for adaptive learning with ‘human-in-the-loop’ feedback mechanism for every insight and machine-derived outcomes
  • Training and maintenance of AI models without data-scientist’s interventions
  • Scalable architecture support for AI model management and pre-build AI model repository

Document Processing and Knowledge Extraction

  • Classify documents with content and images and enable document- specific workflows
  • Document processing support for multiple-languages (20+ languages)
  • Various functions to support document processing workflows: table identification and extractions, paragraph identification, image extraction, bursting of documents into pages, etc
  • Rule-based Extraction with regex, fuzzy matching complements AI- based data extraction
  • Multiple OCR (on-cloud/on-premise) support with OCR Synthesis capabilities
  • Process documents in batch, with schedules, or with API calls or as a continuous batch as they arrive in hot folder

Explainable Solutions

  • Dashboards and Reports for every solution to keep a track of workflows and accuracy improvements
  • Reports as an API to include in any downstream business solutions


  • RestFul Webservices APIs to Integrate to portals and workflows within RPAs/BPAs
  • Data Download per document or in batches in various formats including CSV, JSON
  • Cloud Cognitive Services and any other third-party Machine Learning API Integrations


Mosaic Agnitio

Versatile AI-driven data extraction framework for documents and images for intelligent business process automation.
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