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LTI SafeRadius

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LTI SafeRadius helps employees return to the office safely, improves customer experience, addresses supply chain issues, improves cost optimization, and more. All this is managed through a single pane of glass to simplify how enterprises leverage data to keep their people safe.

Several months into the COVID pandemic, business leaders are looking at what the workplace experience will become. Organizations will need to be agile and proactive, while maximizing resources by quickly making data-driven decisions to maintain safe work environments. By adapting workflows and processes to changing needs, organizations can save time and money, reduce risk and streamline their workplace reopening process.

Organizations will require:

  • Data-driven return to work strategy
  • Long-term shifts based on analysis
  • Regular data on changing norms
  • Data analysis for employee management and business operations
  • Insights for long-term best practices

Designed for fast deployment and customization, LTI SafeRadius provides a range of data and analytics including location readiness and safety tools for facility managers, self-service health and safety tools for employees, and case management tools for HR and safety leaders.

Give Employees Peace of Mind with Data-Driven Best Practices

LTI SafeRadius is a unique solution that addresses key requirements easily and intuitively. It enables organizations to analyze information across locations on LTI’s self-serve analytics platform Mosaic Lens, which offers superior analytics, comprehensive reports, and visualization for day-to-day decisions.

The solution provides rich and intuitive operational risk analysis by recording, processing, integrating and presenting data from various sources within and outside an organization to construct a robust incident management process to help control the spread of the virus.

Key features:

  • Daily employee risk monitoring and decision making
  • Real time alerts for any social distancing breach
  • Integration with transport and office access applications to block and initiate access
  • Compliance with local government mandates
  • Rapidly uncover patterns, segments and insights across the captured data from surveys as well as internal systems
  • Easily defining KPI for tracking with inbuilt data preparation functions
  • Identifying risks and initiating actions
  • Coordinating transport and housekeeping activities
  • Comprehensive real-time reports through dashboards
  • General location specific advisory and news and events for employees
  • GDPR compliant for complete data privacy

LTI SafeRadius: Insights for various persona

Self Service Analytics for HR

Facilities and workplace teams can’t feasibly stand in every room and manually count, inform, direct, communicate, and shepherd workforces back into the building.

But with LTI SafeRadius, they don’t have to. Data analytics from SafeRadius can help minimize complexities and address wide ranging issues.


  • Plan work schedules and workspaces
  • Analyze changing behavior
  • Use data to dispel employee concerns about safety
  • Track employee safety/ regulate attendance
  • Data governance to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Ensure regular health checks
  • Encourage healthy living
  • Maintain employee engagement
  • Regular and relevant employee communication
  • Role-based access

Self Service Analytics for Operations & Facilities

Human movement data can be a powerful ally in the fight to manage the way back from COVID-19. LTI SafeRadius uses data to identify and map out COVID-19 hotspots, enable contact-tracing, issue social distancing guidelines etc. It uses data in real-time to help monitor compliance with safety measures and identify risks to enable informed decisions based on an analysis of that data.


  • Data on occupancy, density, desk utilization
  • Logistics management
  • Gauge the effectiveness of your back-to-work policies
  • Leverage data to manage workstation size or availability
  • Schedule sanitizations
  • Analyse space utilization
  • Manage seating and floor plans
  • Contactless concierge service via the app

Smart and Easy to use Mobile Application for Employees

Employees needed to be kept informed about organisations, policies and processes to be followed and norms to adhere to. The SafeRadius Mobile App is a user-friendly app where just in few click employee not only fill the health survey but also can have access to many other things.


  • Make employer aware about their health Status
  • Stay updated with Organisational updates
  • Raise request to voluntary work from office
  • Receive alerts on breaching Social Distance norms

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