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LTI Mosaic Agnitio recognized as ‘Disruptor’ in Avasant’s Intelligent Document Processing Platforms 2021-2022 Radarview™

Avasant, a leading management consulting firm, ranks LTI an “Disruptor” in its Intelligent Document Processing Platforms 2021-2022 Radarview™. Avasant evaluated enterprise Intelligent document processing platforms, and based on their rigorous assessment, offered recognition to 15 top-tier platform providers for delivering maximum value to the market in the last 12 months.

The Avasant Intelligent Document Processing Platforms Radarview™ report evaluated platform providers based on three key parameters: product maturity, enterprise adaptability, and future readiness. It features detailed RadarView profiles of the top 15 platform providers, along with their solutions, offerings, and experience in assisting enterprises in their document processing journeys. LTI Mosaic Agnitio’s strategic focus on IDP, mature end-to-end product features, and expertise across use cases and industries became the key factors contributing to its positioning in the report.

Mosaic Agnitio is an unstructured data processing platform built on a no-code interface and pre-built cognitive engines, with human-in-the-loop hubs for annotations and verifications. It helps business process teams who want to mine knowledge from documents or automate their document-based processes by extracting entities and knowledge nuggets from all kinds of documents.

Talking about Mosaic Agnitio’s achievement, Abhijeet Pattnaik, Senior Analyst – Avasant said “The scope of document processing platforms has evolved from dynamic data extraction from unstructured sources such as handwritten documents and scanned PDFs to insight generation. LTI has aimed at simplifying the user experience for the Mosaic Agnitio platform by adopting a no-code-based approach. From enabling self-service process design to extracting insights from complex documents, LTI demonstrates robust platform features for document processing. These capabilities are further augmented by LTI’s investments to enhance its product features and expand domain-specific use cases.

With strong capabilities across the document processing value chain, LTI is well-positioned in the industry to help enterprises transition into a paperless economy. LTI’s comprehensive product features and future roadmap have placed it as a disruptor in Avasant’s Intelligent Document Processing Platforms 2021-22 RadarView.”

The Avasant report is yet another example of Mosaic Agnitio’s recognition as a leading enterprise-class unstructured data processing product across a number of industries.

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