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Expedite your cloud transformation journey with enterprise-class cloud DataOps

Whether you’re contemplating, planning, or conducting a cloud transformation journey, you likely understand the opportunities that come with such a move—as well as the challenges.

The opportunities include nearly infinite scalability, increased solution agility, and lower costs versus traditional infrastructure. The challenges include preserving custom functionality honed over years of usage, understanding the new technologies to be used, and making sure the new environment is efficient and effectively secured.

While building a custom platform to navigate this journey seems like a great way to get to a solution that’s tailored to an organization’s specific needs, the complexity of building out and adapting a home-built solution over time commonly leads to failure. What’s needed instead is a complete DataOps solution that combines end-to-end, data-cloud-native infrastructure with an automated, enterprise-ready tool set.

Read this whitepaper to understand:

  • How taking an “XOps” approach to building out your Cloud DataOps capabilities can help maximize efficiency
  • The case for building vs buying the components necessary to build your Cloud DataOps platform
  • Real-world Cloud DataOps platform case studies and the benefits they delivered
  • How Mosaic Decisions and Snowflake Data Cloud come together to seamlessly act as a unified Cloud DataOps platform

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    Meet the Authors

    Sachin Vyas

    Sachin Vyas

    Vice-President and Head of Mosaic Suite, LTI

    Sachin Vyas is an entrepreneur with over 23 years of experience in technology, data, and analytics. He was the Founder and CEO of AugmentIQ Data Sciences, a company acquired by LTI, focusing on creating Big Data platforms and solutions. Sachin currently heads LTI’s Data, Analytics & AI practice and plays a pivotal role in building and enhancing the flagship Mosaic platform and solutions which are focused on converging technologies across devices, data, computing, and artificial intelligence.

    Andrew Reichman

    Director of Market Intelligence, Snowflake

    Andrew Reichman has more than 20 years’ experience in a broad range of roles related to data management and analysis and cloud infrastructure and currently leads Market Intelligence at Snowflake. Andrew is a long time industry analyst covering Cloud, Data Center Infrastructure and Technology Economics. Prior to Snowflake, he held leadership roles at Oracle, Forrester Research, Amazon Web Services, and 451 Research. He’s from New York originally, with a BA from Wesleyan University and an MBA from the University of Washington.