AugmentIQ Data Sciences has an established MaxIQ Big Data Platform

LTI acquired AugmentIQ Data Sciences

2 clients


mosaic launched its 1st product in market

decision mosaic decision

Launched 1st co-innovation solution RedAxis (Accounts Receivable Analytics Suite for Retail & CPG Enterprises), along with P&G

7 new global clients acquired


mosaic builds an converged ecosystem of Data, AI, Automation

  • Data - Enterprise Data on Hybrid Infra & Hyper Distributed Data Environment
  • AI - AI on Enterprise Big Data – Managing Logistics of AI at Multiple Levels
  • Automation - Automation on Generating & Consuming Insights and Powering Actions

Launched 3 new products

mosaic catalog
mosaic automation
mosaic ai

15+ global clients


mosaic added 2 new next-gen products to its stack

mosaic entity
mosaic lens

Signed 1st multi-million licensed deal for a global implementation

25+ global clients


mosaic automation is now mosaic aiops

mosaic entity is now mosaic agnitio

Launched SafeRadius – A return-to-office solution powered by mosaic lens

A Snapshot of mosaic 2020

20+ global clients

Exponential growth - CAGR ~80% in 4 years!